Why YOU probably don’t backup your computer

Let’s be real.  You won’t backup your computer for 3 reasons (most likely).  You don’t have time, you don’t know how, or you don’t think your computer will crash.

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Why Monday’s Are My Favorite Day

Monday’s are the best day of the week!

Mondays are the start of something new and possibly great.

Monday’s give you a chance at something new every single week.

Monday will determine the rest of your week.

If you start Monday with a kick-ass take no prisoners attitude and you bust your ass to get shit done you can bet your week will start on a good note.
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Be Simple


There is no better advice than K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid. Being simple works.  Being complex doesn't.  One of my favorite examples is the Deadlift.  It is probably the simplest exercise in existence.  You simply pick a heavy-ass weight up … [Continue reading]

It’s All Your Fault

If you’re reading this page on this website I think it’s safe to assume you want to change something in your life. If you want to change something in your life then you must be dissatisfied with your life. You must wake up every morning and dread the … [Continue reading]

Importance of Deep Squats


A good friend of mine recently asked me for some advice regarding one of my favorite exercises: squats.  You see, he has this problem where he does not like to get all the way down into a deep squat.  Instead, he stops at a little above a 90 degree … [Continue reading]